How to Increase Non-Paid Traffic for Startups

Chris Herbert
2 min readJul 19, 2023

Getting high on spending, Sensate quickly realized they were caught in the classic startup trap — pouring money into ads without seeing the returns they hoped for. Their unit economics took a nosedive and panic set in. But fear not, for here comes Squall to the rescue! Squall was brought in to find a non-paid channel that could keep pace with their paid ads and turn things around. Game on!

Discovering the Truth about Accessories and their Role in the Buying Game:

The original Sensate marketing team thought it was a great idea to offer their fancy device with a bonus pouch and eye pillow. But then Squall went out and asked the customers what they thought…and turns out, the pouch and eye pillow didn’t really make them go gaga over buying the Sensate product.

Split Testing

Squall conducted a split test to find out if the accessories were actually driving sales or not. In the split, Sensate sold their product without showing any accessories during checkout. The results? Surprisingly, it had zero impact on conversion rate! This matched the insights from customers.

Incentivizing Sharing

After the split test concluded, Sensate ended up taking off the accessories from the…



Chris Herbert

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